This is YOUR YEAR! Yes, its the fullness of time and the exact season for you to be Untied, Unmuted and UNLEASHED from the ties that bind your vocal cords and mute your speaking voice!

Each of us are born FREE…then life, family, relationships, schooling, money, religion and a dozen of other factors begin to TIE us UP into a web of silence and dysfunction. Like the molestation that happened to the Beloved voice of Maya Angelou as a young girl…we grow internally shut down and closed up for endless times UNTIL as a woman…we courageously decide to be LOOSED and SET FREE. The Power is ours all along…but we need others to ignite and encourage what we already possess.

At Yolanda Powell Transcontinental we are committed to “Training An Army of Voices.” I call it an “army” because the power of words and the instrument of voice still rule the world! When we SPEAK, we can change ourselves and everything around us! It is the Power of the Spoken Word.

If you are ready to be ultimately UNLEASHED from every stronghold that has held your voice, life, emotions, ministry, business and vision in a proverbial prison than let’s set a time to Introduce ourselves and Strategize together on your UNLEASH PLAN for 2015! On my home page is the link for setting up a Call…Don’t Delay! It’s your year to be Untied…Unmuted…UNLEASHED!

The PowerSpeaking Coach