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Powerspeaking Program

Tier #3 – The Penetrating Powerspeaker

Training an Army of Voices for the 7 Mountains!

The Third Tier of Propel is filled with extraordinary profit and fueled by incredible Market Penetration, that is created by unique positioning, identity clarification and personal story expansion. This third stage is mastered by magnifying and folding both the Message & the Mission into a strong and well-developed Marketing Plan. This is done in ways that foster what we call, Unique Story Branding.

Once you have been activated with sound products and services that are attracting a designated population of potential clients…you are in a potent position to penetrate that red zone and really start to monetize your message by getting to boom and resound in a BIG way to the masses. You are NOW a true Speakerpreneur for the Kingdom!

Here’s what to expect from this course

Learn How To
Multiply your speaking engagements withinteresting twists and turns in your Signature Talk & Profit Presentations.
Expand your presentation programs to meet a wider and more targeted audience-base.
Host a theme-based LIVE event to grow your LIST and enlarge your VOICE in the marketplace by becoming and expert authority.
Master Business Skills
Set measurable 6 month to 1-year goals and objectives as a Speakerpreneur & Marketplace Penetrator.
Implement assessments on measuring results and outcomes through effective Sales Funnels.
Develop creative outcomes and forums as a leading authority with “buzz blogging,” vlog production and more!
Walk Away With
An increased bank account of PowerSpeaker earnings.
Enlarged market exposure with brand/name recognition. social proof and extraordinary influence.
Collaboration and connectivity with other leaders in the field of your expertise and authority to build massive impact.

ALL Propel Mastermind Groups will be held at YPT Training Office, 9500 Marlboro Pike, Units 10-11 (Off Pennsylvania Avenue), Upper Marlboro, MD 20772. We also Live Stream or Zoom the Masterminds for those participating from around the United States and throughout the globe.

For Direct Contact
Office voice mail messaging: 1.800.605.3913. A member of the YPT PowerSpeak Team will always be available to assist you. They can also be reached at:


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