What is the essence and key traits of an ENTREPRENEUR?

I recently found the best answer in a Facebook post by Devin Bartley, a business consultant, website technician, and ‘whenever something goes eletrontronically wrong’ advisor. Here’s what Devin says:

The key trait of an entrepreneur is they:

1. find a problem

2. create the solution, then

3. bring it to market.

He writes further, “There is a level of innovation involved. This doesn’t mean your technology has to be brand new. You can certainly be in a market with similar products and simply improve the solution but the key there is you’ve improved a solution that is solving a problem. That’s it. Simple but distinct difference.” 

I love that! Entrepreneurs are all about finding solutions to problems in the marketplace. Those three (3) components define the core essence of an entrepreneur. This fall we’ll be refining and filtering that ‘miracle’ SPM (solutions to problems in the marketplace) through the presentations and signature talks of PowerSpeakers who are well coached, trained and empowered to communicate their valuable thoughts and ingenuity into entities and enterprises that transform lives, impact local communities and change the global village.


I am a power speaker. I am a problem solver. I am an entrepreneur. Join us as we ‘train an army of Voices’ to impact markets on all seven (7) continents.

With Value & Vision,

Dr. Yolanda