This year Kingdom Speakerpreneurs will thrive in an 8th Day Sales & Service FUNNEL of SuperAbundance to deliver the profitable ‘message’ that is in their belly. There will be enormous opportunities for advancement, acceleration and activation. The planet is postured and ripe for MORE…More insights, More impartation, More inservice and More invasion than ever before. So, now is your time to be trained and equipped to PowerSpeak!

Yes, 2016 opens an extraordinary opportunity to flourish in unprecedented wealth-generation, transcontinental expansion and solutions-driven era that brings products and services to both the marketplace and 7-Mountains that can bring systemic change and transformation to the lives of millions.

Growth strategies, witty inventions, creative power-moves and life-giving innovations are everywhere, but particularly WITHIN! So don’t stay stuck, stagnant or silent, but let’s courageously execute & implement our NEW ideas with FRESH Vocal authority! This is our time to flourish and influence both church and culture! Say outloud, “I’m a SuperAbundant PowerSpeaker in 2016!”

On Monday, January 18th we will begin Propel I: The 90-Day Accelerated PowerSpeaker, our communications training program for Marketplace Ministers, Entrepreneurs Global Gatekeepers, Online Marketers and others who are ready to tell it and tell it powerfully! If you’re interested in joining our Propel training community simply drop me an email: and saying I’m ready to PowerSpeak in 2016! We’ll set up a 30-minute introductory phone exchange and move forward from there. Okay? It’s that simply. Yet, that one move will begin your journey yo SuperAbundance in a New Year. Don’t delay…

With PowerSpeaking Joy!

Dr. Yolanda