As the first of May unfolds, I hear the words, BREAKTHROUGH, BUILD & BELIEVE! April was the month to “Advance,” but this is the month to “Breakthrough, Build and Believe” something wonderful in your Life, Ministry & Business. Things that have ben denied, diverted or even derailed can no longer to delayed. You and I have the power to SPEAK TO THE MOUNTAIN and it will MOVE!

“Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them.” (Mark 11:23 NIV – emphasis mine)

The key here is simple, you must ‘BELIEVE THAT WHAT YOU SAY WILL HAPPEN.’ It cannot be a blind hope or a doubtful desire…and it cannot be accomplished without the power of speaking! What you SAY WILL HAPPEN must indeed HAPPEN and come to past! The magic and mystery of such things comes up from our belly of belief and of of our mouth of power and authority.

So, what is your MOUNTAIN this month? What do you need to SPEAK to? What must be THROWN into the sea (i.e. past failures and deep disappointments)? What are your BELIEVING FOR? And where does your FAITH IN ACTION truly lie?

1st – Determine the Mountain (in Ministry or Business) that you want to move

2nd – Gather together your speaking words. Make them strong and decisive. No shucking around. Write them out if you need to.

3rd – Follow up your strong words with determined action. Do something that underscores your words. Act our your faith in a ‘mountain moving way!’

4th – Believe that you have spoken, decreed and done is complete. Doubt it not. Tell others and shout your victorious Breakthrough.

5th – Put ‘skin in the game’ and Build something awesome in that old mountain place. Do just the opposite. Erect the ‘New Thing’ in its place. Begin work on a new idea. Create a new project. Release an important service to the community. Believe what you have spoken and done will be physically seen and visualized

This 3-fold cord of ‘Breakthrough, Build & Believe’ cannot be easily broken! Once you have completed your 5 (five) steps…you will be able to see the reality of ‘Breakthrough and Build’ for the month of May! So, celebrate your accomplishments wildly and dance a joyful gig while no one is watching. Laugh out loud! Then look up and whisper, ‘Thank You’ to the Greatest Mountain Mover in all of History!

With PowerSpeaking & Mountain Moving Might!


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