On Saturday, May 30, 2015 – PowerSpeak LIVE 2015 was radically UNMUTED here at Yolanda Powell Transcontinental! It was thrilling to have over 80 people in attendance…at the College Park Marriott in College Park, Maryland (right outside Washington, DC). The atmosphere was charged with EXCITEMENT and EXUBERANCE as Marketplace Ministers from around the region emerged into a ballroom just to hear Kingdom Strategies on how to take their ‘Voice & Vision’ to New Levels of empowerment and exposure.

The song ‘HAPPY’ by Pharrel Williams started the morning off as the line, “Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof” seem to electrify the atmosphere. That’s exactly what PowerSpeak LVE was all about…taking all the limitations off and the sky alone being the limit.

As the day progress we unveiled the “secret sauce” of what we do in our training programs. Attendees got to see first hand the “social proof” of how we break through pain points, access the power source and produce real life speakers that tell their Signature Story with stealth and prowess. Here’s how Apostle Karen Bettis-Davis of Virginia described her experience:

“I LOVED POWER-SPEAK APOSTLE Yolanda Powell! I loved every minute of our encounter. Your soldiers are weapons of mass destruction. I’ve heard the 7 mountains taught before but yesterday I was fully emerged into the urgent necessity of being positioned on my mountain to cause a real, tangible, and epic transformation. Thank you Apostle for doing this for the Body of Christ. You help the church find her voice and their place in the world. You taught us how to make ministry EFFECTIVE! You posses that piece that we all need to go to the places that the Lord desires of His Bride. We need generals exactly like you equipping the Body and correctly positioning us for maximum impact. Thank God and Thank you my sister! I belong to an Epic Tribe of culture shifters.”

Below is a couple of pictures that showcases the event greater than words!