It happens when we least expect it. It happens when we fear it the most. But, it can happen to any of us…even the best of us!

First, STUCK  happens in your mind and amidst your emotions. Then it eases down into your belly and eventually cements your feet and toes. You suddenly feel like you simply – cannot – move – forward! The weight of worries, the feelings of failure and the issues of endless concerns seem to stifle and even paralyze our movement forth. The voices of  past mistakes and former relationships reman STUCK in our head and heart. And soon they threathen and abuse us vocally, “Don’t you dare move!’ “You definitely don’t deserve better!” “You obviously belong here! Stay put and be quiet!” And instantly we F-R-E-E-Z-E and the reality of STUCK encases us in the same old, same old place and frame of mind. Then it slowly ties us up, shuts us down and nails us to the railings of insignificance and nothingness…a real, debilitating state of mind…

UNTIL the Magnificent, Miracle of Timing and Deep Desire…Kiss and Connect! And then the greater work of freedom and liberation begins! Possibilities fill the air. Potential begins to rumble in our belly. And alas we feel like ‘Change is gonna come’ and the Best is yet before us!


The reality of ‘Getting Unstuck’ and into motion and rhythm is not a fairy tale. It is a spiritual dynamic that is central to mental process, spiritual understanding and direct activity. You have to come to Know the Truth, Know your Self and Know your Future. This combination of trios is what will Set the Captive Free! Truth and light speaks to your innermost being and your core creation becomes alive and awake to actually SEE & UNDERSTAND what the Giver of Life is showcasing before you. The God of Creation has a divine plan for each of us. This supernatural destiny is far GREATER than the past has ever revealed. The Plans and Purposes of God for your life and  mine will not and cannot be kept stuck, tied and mute – forever! The dreams of the Lord God will SPEAK and Light will SHINE; Change will COME and Mountains will be utterly REMOVED! How awesome is that?


Getting UNSTUCK is about:

  • getting clear on the (spiritual) Truth 
  • getting committed to your (significant) Life 
  • getting communicative about your (signature) Future 

When those three (3) elements are aligned and calibrated properly…it’s only a matter of time, before the right connections coupled with those unexpected opportunities will come together and BAM! They will unlock the Jail Break and loose the Stifling Chains that have kept you bound internally and shackled externally! Time has a way of announcing WHO you really are and WHERE you really belong…UNSTUCK and at the Top of your Game, Calling & Destiny!

So, Arise and Shine! You have cried, yelled, fussed, cussed, panted, pitied and agonized long enough! It’s time to get unTied, unMuted, UnStuck and UnLeashed into the Greatness that must define your life, business and ministry in 2015.


On Saturday, May 30th, I will be hosting POWERSPEAK LIVE here in the D.C. – Maryland area. Click the link below and join an Army of  Trained Voices that will help you defy the odds, resist the naysayers and overcome the fears that have kept you voiceless and miserable in this last season. However, a new season is here and the seeds you planted long ago are about to blossom, bloom and bud…Spring is in the air; and Getting UnStuck is as easy as 1-Truth, 2-Life, and 3-Future! Let me show you how to soar in the next dimension of your life, ministry and business. Everyone is waiting on you to break free and take action!


With UnLeashing Power & Authority,

Yolanda – The PowerSpeak Reformer