We must deal with our DIS-APPOINTMENTS! They are the elements in our life that haunt, hinder, and hurt us. Disappointment distract and divide our time and emotions; and they take away from our full-focus and ability to ‘play-full-out’ in the Game of Life, Business & Ministry. So we have to confront them directly. They cannot be ignored or escaped, avoided or tossed aside – because they are the spice of life, love and learning. Everyone will know disappointment at some time or another; and that disappointment is simply apart of our human experience, business terrain and ministry environment. But, they must be looked at squarely and confronted eye-ball to eye-ball. In reality, none of us can deny their existence and the power they can occupy in our thoughts and memories – if left unaddressed.

As a PowerSpeak Reformer, Leadership Strategist & Communications Coach – I have developed a Game Plan to help myself, clients and congregants address DIS-APPOINTMENTS! I call it the Subtraction Factor. This “strategy” is designed for the stealth entrepreneur or minister, mom or dad, business owner or non-profit executive who has had his or her world impacted by this compelling element. And what I am offering is a playbook manuever to get you back in the Game. You see the prefix called ‘DIS’ is a three letter, negative word that takes away or diminishes something positive. I have given each letter an identity so that we can confront & subtract it from our lives, businesses and ministries – altogether!

‘D‘ is for Deep.

‘I’ is for Internal and

‘S’ represents Sadness and Sorrow (or sometimes Stress)

So, Dis-Appointment or D. I. S. = Deepy Internal Sadness or Sorrow

When we are disappointed, we are actually dealing with DEEP INTERNAL SADNESS, SORROW or STRESS. On one hand we are coiling under the weight of emotional hurt and pain unable to keep it moving forward or on the other – moving at rapid speed hitting all the cylinders, but not getting anything done well. SO, we are with coiling or tripping – both life is really at a halt or hiatus. DIS-APPOINTMENT is holding us captive and we must do the math, implement the game plan and get on to healthier days.

I know it hurt bad. I know they didn’t treat you fairly. I know they dropped the ball. I know you invested time and money. I know…But, instead of concentrating on the wrong, we must do the math and subtract the ‘DIS’ off so that they can be transformed into HIS appointments! Many are waiting for you to show up with the goods and services, stories and solutions we carry!


The Lord of the 7-Mountains is ready to bring HIS-APPOINTMENTS to you today! And a negative and a positive cannot exist in the same space. So – Implement the Dismantle Game Plan. Use the Subtraction Factor. Look at DIS-APPOINTMENT in the face and command it to teach you, instruct you and inform you of where things went wrong. Examine the issues fully and “see” where you can grow, change, prosper and be made better. Command a rate of return on your time, enery and effort. Say outloud, “This DIS-APPOINTMENT will not rob me, but will yield a return to me. I will be better, stronger and wiser as a result of this matter. I now see HIS-APPOINTMENTS…the  one’s that the Lord of Business & Ministry has waiting just for me!”

Suddenly,  you will begin to flow and function in those elements that make life, business and ministry sweet and successful. Your mind will be clear and your light bright. New opportunities will be attracted to your energy and focus and you’ll see fresh answers and solutions for yourself, your clients, customers and congregants.

You have just learned to Dismantle DIS-APPOINTMENTS and Work in HIS-APPOINTMENTS! Welcome to the New World of Marketplace Ministry on the 7-Mountains!

With HIS-APPOINTMENTS Today & Always,

Dr. Yolanda