Even though I am enrolled in the PowerSpeak Academy (PSA) with Yolanda Powell as a 2nd Year Propel client-in-training; I have struggled with who I am as a Marketplace Minister, including setting my prices and creating a Bio – just to name a few. Yet, I know what “propel” means and will continually challenge myself to abide by its definition.

pro·pel (prəˈpel)
drive, push, or cause to move in a particular direction, typically forward.

synonyms: spur, drive, prompt, precipitate, catapult, motivate, force, impel

If this word holds true…then sometimes you and I will just have to know what we know and BE CONFIDENT every step of the way.

On this journey, guided by the powerful and Spirit-led voice of Apostle Yolanda Powell, we will meet crossroads of choices.
The most important decision we must make is to believe without hesitation or reservation, that we are who God says we are and are called to do what God says. So, here are my declaration and decrees. Feel free to chime in and vocally say them with me:

Yes, I am a leader.
Yes, I am a visionary.
Yes, I am a speaker.
Yes, I am called to heal.
Yes, I am called to see people set free.
Yes, I am called to be a guide.

But also…

Yes, that is my price.
Yes, here is my contract.
Yes, those are my terms.
Yes, I require a deposit.
Yes, I said NO. It doesn’t fit into my standards.

Whatever it is, we must possess confidence in where & what God has already promised you is your destiny. This is the key! What does Almighty God say?

Then and only then can we place value on our call and experience, and stand on what we are worth. We truly have the three Propelling (3) V’s – Value, Volume & Voice! Now its time to confidently walk  it out.

When you know you have the FINAL ANSWER, you set the terms your way with CONFIDENCE! Why? Because you are a Confident Marketplace Minister and so am I!

~This was for me and someone else…so, let’s do this!

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Rachel Conliffe is a member of Propel II: The Activated PowerSpeaker. She lives in New York and leads The Honey Bee Women’s Movement; encouraging women to trust the Lord and His word – for it is “sweet like honey!”