I’ve been here is South Africa since the beginning of October – traveling and speaking from Johannesburg and East London to Queenstown and Cape Town about the BEAUTIFUL FEET of Kingdom People who have a Powerful Story to tell throughout the Seven Continents. Men, women and young people have been inspired and ignited about what they have:


Many have come to see their pain points and difficult past as the firm and formidable foundation upon which to run and tell, ‘What great things the Lord has done for them!’ You see everyone is connected…8 billion people currently on the planet all need to have Beautiful Feet coming into their lives to announce ‘Good News & Great Possibilities’ to them about their person, family, marriage, congregation, ministry, business, community, government and nation.

As I studied Romans 10:15 recently, it became a treasured discovery. The verse says,

“And how can anyone preach unless they be sent? As it is written: ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!’”

The context has to do ‘preachers’ being sent into all the World with the good and awesome news that “Our God Reigns’ and that ‘He is Willing, & All Powerful to Aid & Assist Anyone Who Calls for His Help!’

The word ‘preacher‘ here, however, does not necessarily refer to a clergy person, but more appropriately to a passionate herald or enthusiastic announcer – more in line with a public crier or public speaker! Wow! I was so thrilled to learn this truth…that I have been sharing it with overcoming Believers throughout the world! Our story of liberation, emancipation and freedom in every way is indelibly tied to God’s Ageless Story as liberator and emancipator. So the Power of Story prevails as an inexhaustible treaure that must be told, released and deposited into the empty coffers (and desperate lives) of others. And as they HEAR, they will be CHANGED, TRANSFORMED, FORTIFIED and DELIVERED! They will see Him who Loves Them and have been there all along with Salve & Solution, Arms and Answers. How awesome!

So, Beautiful Feet must SPEAK and TELL their Powerful Story!


Take your shoes, boots and sandals off today…and let your toes wiggle and run with ‘good news.’ Do not be afraid to ‘unmute’ and be free. Do not be hesitant to ‘share the hidden secrets’ that have imprisoned your for far too long! You hold the balm and blessings that can heal and deliver many. Your mega message is a mighty force in your mouth and it must be released…right now!

You totally have BEAUTIFUL FEET…and we all are looking, listening and longing to hear you Speak with Power! If you need some help and courage to speak up and speak out – contact us today for a Free – Introductory Call with me or one of my PowerTeam members. We are ready to empower you to PowerSpeak…Let’s Stand Tall, Go & Tell!

With Words That Transform Lives,

Dr. Yolanda

The PowerSpeak Academy