A POWERHOUSE is a source of influence or inspiration; one having great power and possessing tremendous drive, energy, or ability. “She is a true powerhouse speaker.”

As an international communications consultant, I’ve worked with various types of speakers, coaches, authors, ministers and entrepreneurs from all over the world; and found a hidden POWERHOUSE in every life and story from rural to urban, and from domestic to global. In every heart there are components of a GREAT STORY…and even more so a POWERHOUSE MESSAGE. It’s simply fascinating!

If you answered,”No” to the question, “Are you a PowerHouse Speaker?” I beg to differ! You simply have not worked with the right coach nor invested in the proper professional who can help you discover your true power and hidden assets! You particularly need a PowerSpeak training team that can help you mine the dynamite within your own belly and life-story.

If that’s you…we need to chat! Yes, we need to have a conversation and exchange very soon. You can simply call me at 1.800.605.3913 or sign up on my homepage for a Strategy Call with me directly! I’d love to talk with you and hear your story! For the months of December and January, I’m calling the “no names,” “quiet types,” those with no speaking skills” and “others with no outward confidence” to ARISE and do something you’ve never, ever done before…Admit OUT-LOUD, what you feel everyday (under your own breath) – that you have something to SAY! Yes, I  want you to un-mute those dormant words – silently encased in the UNARTICULATED places of your own heart, that constantly whisper: That you have Greatness within you! That you have a story to tell! That there is more to you than meets the eye! That you are sick and tied of being small and feeling insignificant. That your Life has Value, Volume and Voice. Say it out-loud,  “I have Value, Volume & Voice. I’m a POWERHOUSE!”